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    Students Came To Our School From Jacksonville, USA
           On the afternoon of June 20, a party of six students led by Ms Li Yan came to Yingkou Senior High School for an eight-day visit from Duval County, Jacksonville, USA.
         At 16:30 the welcoming ceremony was held in the conference room of our school.  Ms Han, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Ms Cong section Chief of FAO,  Ai Ping, Principal of our school, Zhang Degeng, Deputy principal and other relevant staff attended the meeting, as well as the students assuming the task of receiving the foreign students at their homes and their parents. The ceremony was presented by Principal Zhang.
         At the ceremony, Chinese and American students introduced themselves to each other briefly. Mr Ai delivered the welcoming speech on behalf of the staff of Yingkou Senior High school. He firstly introduced the school and its characteristics. Then he stressed, “It is our goal to reinforce international communication and highlight our characteristics. The arrival of the student delegation from Jacksonville will certainly further our opening up and broaden the channels of communication. We’d like to join hands with the educators from Jacksonville to turn out more outstanding students.”
         Communications between two different educational systems can bring about reflection of our way of education. This exchange activity will have a profound effect on our further development. Based on it, we can visit each other more to broaden horizons and renew the idea, thus accelerating the developing speed of our school.
                                               Reported by Ma Kexin